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Introduction of Kanchana 3 Full Tamil Movie:

Kanchana 3 (showcased as Muni 4: Kanchana 3) is a 2019 Tamil activity awfulness satire movie co-delivered, composed and coordinated by Raghava Lawrence, featuring himself, Oviya and Vedhika in the main jobs. Delivered by Sun Pictures, the fourth portion in the Muni arrangement and third portion in Kanchana arrangement, the film started generation amid October 2017 will discharge on 19 April 2019. This motion picture discharged, got excessively positive audits from the open crowd and got blended to positive surveys from the pundits.

The film starts with Kaali slaughtering a person named Bhavani. The scene at that point move to a family of a rich man, whose little girl is controlled. 2 Russian Exorcists who perform expulsion on that young lady. They prevail with regards to catching the two spirits. They at that point trap the spirits in two distinct nails, formed as a cross and nails them to a tree amidst a field.

Here, the saint Raghava is presented together with his family. His mom, senior sibling, sister-in-law and niece. Every one of them are good to go to go to Raghava's grandparents house in Coimbatore for their excellent parent's 60th marriage commemoration festivity. While in transit, Raghava felt hungry and the family choose to take nourishment in the field, under the tree, which likewise happen to be a similar tree where the spirits are being nailed to. The climate changes constraining the family to utilize the nails to nail the outing mat down. Be that as it may, things proceed and they felt secretive happenings and chose to leave the spot, with the nails to drop inside the excursion sack itself.

They all achieve their home, where Raghava has three cousins, Priya, Kaviya and Dhivya, all prepared to wed him. A progression of entertaining being a tease follows further. One night, Raghava's niece goes to the kitchen to drink water when she detects some nearness. Her grandma appears, and they encounter a shadow/soul. The entire family couldn't care less much about it.

The following morning, they play out a custom outside their home however something foreboding happens, yet once more, they don't indicate much concern. That night, Kaviya gets frightened by a similar shadow from the kitchen, in her room. Raghava's granddad proposes they go to the sanctuary the following day.

At the point when the entire family go there, the Aghoris who were there performing Pujai, sense something. They call forward the family and the head Aghori give them a thirisulam. He requests that the family place the thirisulam on a thulasi madam, and guarantees them it would secure them. The family do likewise. That night, Priya and Dhivya experience the soul. Priya is tossed out of the house with the thirisulam arriving before her(it has lost its forces), showing that whatever is in their house, is incredible. The family proceed to meet the head Aghori that very night, and the Aghori gives, Raghava's mom, sibling and sister-in-law, three voodoo dolls. He requests that they play out certain ceremonies in three better places in their home. The last voodoo doll must be nailed on the correct leg, left leg and head by them three.

The following day, them three sends the children out and remain late around evening time to do the ceremonies. They are threatened by a steed, cow and finally experience the apparition itself, frightening every one of the three deeply. They quickly proceed to look for the assistance of the Aghori. The Aghori consents to tail them to the house. When he enters only it, the climate changes indeed however quickly swings back to typical. The Aghori turns out and says that all is fine.

At the point when the children return, that night, Kamakshi (Raghava's sister-in-law) sees the apparition and is persuaded that the phantom has not left. Her significant other requests that her hold up 1 more night to affirm everything. Priya dreams of kissing Raghava and conveys only him to kiss him, disregarding him. He than dreading his life, as he is disregarded in obscurity, covers up in the room. There he observes paranormal activites encompassing the outing bin. He opens it and sees the cross nails and is had after that. Raghava later conveys his cousins to shopping and every one of the young ladies purchase lipstick, mascara and heels. That night, the majority of their things are missing and they discover Raghava with there stuff, acting like a young lady. They discover him threatening them later on. When they go to tell his mom, they discover him resting gently.

One of the pastor Shankar's companion is murdered in the vehicle leave. The pastor gets into a wrath and pledges to murder the executioner.

The following night, in the wake of being mitigated that all is fine in the house, Kamakshi and her significant other are assaulted by Raghava(actually the soul). Together with their little girl, the three sisters, they persuade Raghava's mom that the phantom is still there. The three sisters hitch an arrangement to play more than once with Raghava to trigger the soul and to demonstrate their auntie. Their arrangements get effective and the apparition in Raghava is uncovered. It is than uncovered that there are two phantoms, one named Rosie and the other her sweetheart, Kaali. Every one of them get wacked by the apparitions at that point.

Feeling tricked, they bring the Aghori who erroneously disclosed to them that the soul is no more. The Aghori says that he felt feel sorry for the soul and recounts to the family the narrative of Kali and Rosie. Kaali's mom Radha runs a halfway house. She likewise thinks about the ghetto individuals. They live as a family. Rosie is from UK, and is likewise a vagrant who remains there. After Kaali mother's passing, Kaali assumes control over her activity and dream. He helps all the poor and has a glad life. At some point, the Minister's sibling Bhavani comes and asks Kaali to take in 100 crore as dark cash with the goal that they can escape pay charge. He likewise says that Kaali can have 20 crore as a gift for the shelter. Kaali being a legitimate man, opposes this idea. Incensed, Bhavani murders one of the crippled ghetto man, maddening Kaali. He goes to murder Bhavani, which occurred in the start of the film. Afterward, Shankar gets vengeance by executing Rosie and Kaali, encircling it as a mishap. He likewise torches the shelter, and slaughters every one of the tenants.

Hearing Kaali's story, Raghava's family demand Kaali and Rosie to slaughter Shankar. Kaali and Rosie, go to murder Shankar who escapes into a graveyard. There he uncovers that it was his arrangement to draw him to the spot. He acquires the two Russian Exorcists and two others and debilitate Kaali and Rosie. The head Aghori touched base with his men and they petition Goddess Kali, who offers capacity to Kaali and Rosie. Them two additions massive power and murders the four Exorcists lastly slaughters Shankar. At last, Kaali and Rosie are joined together and withdraw.

Before the credit moves, it is appeared there would be another continuation of the establishment. It would be Muni 5, Kanchana 4.


  • Raghava Lawrence as Raghava and Kaali dualrole
  • Oviya as Kavya
  • Vedhika as Priya
  • Nikki Tamboli as Divya
  • Ri Djavi Alexandra as Rosie
  • Kovai Sarala as Raghava’s Mother
  • Soori as Govindaraju
  • Kabir Duhan Singh as Bhavani
  • Aathma Patrick as Moorthy (Bhavani’s righthand)
  • Anupama Kumar as Radha (Kaali's mother)
  • Sriman as Raghava’s brother
  • Devadarshini as Kamakshi, Raghava’s sister-in-law
  • Yuvasri Lakshmi as Raghava's niece
  • Priyanka Nalkar
  • Janani Balasubramaniam


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