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AK vs AK is a 2020 Indian Hindi-language black comedy thriller film directed by Vikramaditya Motwane. Anurag Kashyap, the executive producer and dialogue writer, also stars alongside Anil Kapoor as the title characters, with Yogita Bihani, Sonam Kapoor and Harshvardhan Kapoor in supporting roles. The story, written by Avinash Sampath, utilises a film-within-a-film narrative where the main actors play fictionalised versions of themselves. After a public feud between Kashyap, an eccentric film director, and Anil Kapoor, an aging film star, the former kidnaps the latter's daughter (Sonam) and forces Kapoor to search for her while his assistant (Bihani) films them as part of his next project. The film was released on 24 December 2020 exclusively streaming through Netflix as one of the service's original films. It received positive reviews upon release.

An aspiring filmmaker, Yogita, records the life of Anurag Kashyap for her planned documentary. Kashyap and Anil Kapoor are interviewed on a variety show. After an audience member asks if the director or the actor is more important, they start arguing about the question and insulting each other's careers, eventually culminating in Kashyap throwing a glass of water in Kapoor's face. This becomes a major scandal for Kashyap and causes actors to back out of his projects. As he sits in his bedroom enraged, Yogita says that she has an idea.

Later, on Christmas Eve and Kapoor's birthday, Kashyap goes to his set along with Yogita and tries to pitch him a new story about a mad director who kidnaps the daughter of an aging actor, who has to find her. Kapoor is not interested at first, but realizes that his daughter, Sonam, has actually been abducted by Kashyap, who wants to capture his real actions and emotions. Kashyap tells him the rules: he has ten hours (until sunrise the next day) to find her, he can't get the police or anyone else involved, all calls he makes or receives must be on speakerphone, and that Yogita's camera must record everything.

Kapoor first tries going to the police, but Kashyap and Yogita catch up and convince them it is just a rehearsal for their film. Kapoor is still somewhat unconvinced that Sonam was actually kidnapped, so Kashyap shows a live feed of her being held by a masked man with a knife. After talking to his son Harshvardhan, Kapoor finds out through her driver that she was last seen at the hotel Crescent. At the hotel, he bribes the manager with an endorsement to access the CCTV footage, where the driver of the taxi used was captured. He searches for him on the streets of Mumbai with little success. Kapoor goes home and tries to text Harshvardhan under the table, but Harshvardan reacts with confusion, leading to Kashyap confronting Kapoor upstairs and the masked man cutting Sonam's finger off. After more searching, someone directs him to a Christmas celebration to find the driver, named Javed. After spotting him through the camera's viewfinder finding him, Kapoor chases him through and around Mumbai Central but is hit by a car and loses him. At the Christmas celebration, Kapoor has to dance for the crowd until someone tells him where Javed lives, and Kapoor finally catches up to him.

Javed directs them to where he was told to take Sonam, but Kashyap begins to insist that the place he is talking about was not the one in the script. The place turns out to be Kashyap's house, and another call confirms that Sonam has been held in his DVD room. When they get there, not only is Sonam gone, but Kashyap's parents have also been kidnapped. After a struggle between the trio, Kashyap reveals the original site he had planned and they rush to it as time runs out. A mysterious second cameraman shows up, but they don't find any of the kidnapped. Although Kashyap repeatedly insists that the plan has not been going according to his script, Kapoor discovers a copy and forces him to read it, which supposedly reveals that Kashyap intentionally diverted him and was going to take a gun out from his bag and force Kapoor to choose between shooting himself or Kashyap. As Kapoor interrogates an increasingly agitated Kashyap, he accidentally shoots him.

Kapoor and Yogita drive Kashyap to the hospital. Sonam and Kashyap's parents were actually found in the basement of Kashyap's home, and Kashyap is to be convicted for their kidnapping. As he lays in his hospital bed, Kapoor reveals that the whole film was his own plan all along: he convinced Yogita after the panel show to help frame Kashyap in exchange for an opportunity to break into the industry and was acting alongside his family, with Harshvardhan having purposely hit him with the car. Months later, the resulting film wins Yogita, credited as the director, and Kapoor awards at the Filmfare ceremony, while Kashyap, now deranged, and plots vengeance from a mental asylum.


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