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The Requin 2022 Full Movie Download
The Requin 2022 Full Movie

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The Requin is a 2022 American horror thriller film written and directed by Le-Van Kiet. Stranded at sea after a massive tropical storm, a woman and her injured husband fight for survival as great white sharks circle below. Starring Alicia Silverstone and James Tupper, the film was released to video on demand on January 28, 2022.

Jaelyn and her husband Kyle are spending a holiday at a beach tourist retreat in Vietnam, housed in an overwater bungalow. Jaelyn is partially withdrawn and traumatized since she suffered a miscarriage, keeping contact with her family and friends mostly through social media; the trip is meant to restore her spirits again. However, on their second night, a violent tropical storm hits the resort. The bungalow is flooded and torn off its moorings, drifting away from the mainland, a
nd Kyle's leg is severely injured.

As the days pass, Jaelyn and Kyle try to take stock of their situation and wait for rescue. When a ship passes by, they try to create a smoke signal, but the fire instead destroys their shelter, forcing them to abandon it and climb onto a floating piece of wooden flooring. As they drift, Kyle apologizes to his wife for leaving her alone to deal with her trauma, and they reconcile. Soon afterwards, a shark attacks their raft and bites off Kyle's injured leg, leaving him to bleed to death. That night, the raft finally hits a beach; Jaelyn drags Kyle's body onto the sand and then collapses from exhaustion. As she wakes the next morning, the tide has come in, leaving Kyle floating in the water. Before Jaelyn can retrieve him, several sharks arrive and devour the body. When she walks through the water back to the shore, a shark attacks her and bites her leg before she can drive it off.

After recovering, Jaelyn walks off along the shore until she meets a local fisherman, who stitches her wounds; but as she falls asleep, he dives down to check his weir and is fatally attacked by the shark. As the shark then assaults the fisherman's coracle, Jaelyn first drives it off by shredding its head with a handheld outboard engine. Enraged, the shark returns and upends the coracle. As Jaelyn frantically wraps the coracle's anchor rope around herself to stop herself from sinking, the shark comes in for another attack, but its jaws accidentally close around the boat's raised anchor, driving one of its flukes directly through its brain and killing it. Climbing onto the upside-down coracle, Jaelyn ends up near a fishing village, where she is soon spotted and rescued.


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