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Murder Mystery 2 Full Movie Download mp4moviez HD (2023)

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Murder Mystery 2 Full Movie Download mp4moviez
Murder Mystery 2 Full Movie

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Murder Mystery 2 is a 2023 American action comedy mystery film directed by Jeremy Garelick and written by James Vanderbilt. It is a sequel to the 2019 film Murder Mystery, and stars Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston.

Four years after the Monte Carlo murders, Nick and Audrey Spitz have quit their jobs and started a detective service which does poorly. They are invited by their friend, Vikram ‘The Maharajah’ Govindan to his wedding on his new private island. After some reluctance, the Spitzes eventually decide to go. At the island, they meet Vikram’s French fiancé, Claudette.

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They also reunite with Colonel Ulenga who has lost his arm after taking a bullet for Vikram in Mumbai. At the wedding party, the Spitzes meet former soccer player Francisco Perez who constantly flirts with Audrey, snarky Countess Sekou and her sidekick Imani, and Vikram’s sister Saira. During the dance, an elephant walks in with Vikram supposedly on it. The person falls off the elephant and is revealed to Mr. Lou, Vikram’s bodyguard who dies from a stab wound in the back. Nick realises that this is a distraction from the real kidnapping and escape of Vikram. He finds footprints leading to a boat on the beach just in time to see Vikram and the kidnappers escaping.

The Spitzes determine that while someone was kidnapping Vikram, someone else was leading the elephant into the tent. Soon enough, the suspects (Perez, Sekou, Imani, Saira and Claudette) begin to question one another based on each other’s past. The next morning, a team of high-class detectives led by former MI6 hostage negotiator Connor Miller show up on the island.

The kidnapper calls and demands to speak with Nick, who requests $70 million to be delivered to the Arc de Triomphe in Paris or Vikram dies. In Paris, Miller drops the Spitzes off nearby the Arc de Triomphe and the kidnappers direct them to a van. In the van, a fight ensures which ends with them crashing into Café Procope with all of the kidnappers dead. They see on the news that they are wanted for Vikram’s kidnapping, murder and for the disruption caused by the van fight. Footage shows Nick carrying a cheese knife on his way to the boat when in fact he actually took the cheese revealing the footage to be digitally altered.

Miller arrives at the restaurant and Nick gives him the case and tells them to meet him at the Madeleine. Audrey grows suspicious of Miller until his car explodes with him inside, apparently killing him. A masked figure on motorcycle shows up and grabs the case before they are hit by a truck and the kidnappers grab the case.

The Spitzes track down Inspector Laurent de la Croix where he tracks the truck down to a château. Using de la Croix’s car, they travel there and are ambushed by Sekou and Imani who have the money. Nick and Audrey try to warn Imani that Sekou will betray her but she doesn’t listen and is shot by Sekou who knocks a candle over and sets the room on fire but she is shot to death by a dying Imani. The Spitzes escape the château with the money. Using Sekou and Imani’s Lamborghini getaway car, they ask de la Croix to call the kidnappers to bring Vikram to Le Jules Verne restaurant at the Eiffel Tower.

At the restaurant, the Spitzes review the suspects when Vikram suddenly turns up with a bomb strapped to his chest saying that they need to put the money in the lift and send it to the top floor and then the kidnappers will send the remote detonated down. With less then a minute remaining, Nick realises that this is similar to a passage written by Miller from his book. The time runs out but the bomb doesn’t blow up. All of sudden, Miller, having faked his death by hiding in a bomb-proof titanium chamber in the back seat, shows up revealing to be behind the kidnapping. Randomly, a woman named Susan shows to meet with her boyfriend, Gary, who told her years ago to meet with him on that night if they hadn’t have found anyone else and falls for de la Croix who is shot by Miller. Miller reveals to have a real detonator goes to leave but Audrey grabs onto him and is taken up to the top floor. Nick arrives and shoots the detonator.

Miller throws Audrey off of the tower while being attached to his harness. Nick opens the case and the money files out over the tower, enraging Miller who orders a helicopter to kill the others. Audrey reaches the top floor and, using the mechanism of the elevator and Nick tying the harness, sends Miller over the railing causing him to fall into the helicopter blades, killing him. This causes the helicopter to crash and fall into the Seine.

During a conversation with Saira, she claims that she spilt her henna during the commotion when Audrey mistakes it for blood. Audrey realises that Saira disappeared before the elephant came in and the elephant handler that killed Mr. Lou was wearing a cloak with a henna stain due to not being dry. Nick determines that this is due to Vikram inheriting the family business despite her being the smart one. Audrey also reveals Saira tried to kill Vikram in Mumbai causing the Colonel’s arm loss. Saira grabs a gun and goes to shoot Vikram but is blocked by the Colonel, causing his other arm to get shot. Claudette then knocks Saira out with the money briefcase. Vikram promises the Colonel to buy him bionic arms. De la Croix and Susan begin a relationship and Vikram and Claudette decide to elope. The Spitzes attach a love lock to the Pont des Arts and throw the key in the Seine. Vikram’s helicopter pilot turns up with a phone call for them and reveals that he sent them $10 million as a thank you and allows them to use his helicopter to go for a honeymoon. However, the helicopter pilot, who is revealed to actually be American instead of European, steals the money and jumps out of the helicopter leaving the Spitzes to die whilst they frantically try to access the cockpit.

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