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Barber (aka Peruke in Malayalam) is a 2023 Indian Malayalam-language thriller film directed by Santosh Nair and starring Shane Nigam, Saiju Kurup, and Grace Antony. The film is about a young man who works as a barber in a small village. When a stranger comes to the village, the barber's life is turned upside down.

The film was released in theaters on September 29, 2023, and received positive reviews from critics, who praised its performances, screenplay, and direction.

What makes Barber unique and exciting?

  • The film's unique setting and cultural themes. Barber is set in a small village in Kerala, India. The film explores themes of masculinity, violence, and the caste system in a way that is both authentic and resonant.
  • Its fresh and innovative take on the thriller genre. Barber blends elements of traditional thrillers with Indian mythology and folklore to create a truly unique and unsettling experience. The film's suspenseful atmosphere and shocking twists will keep audiences on the edge of their seats.
  • Its strong and well-developed characters. The barber is a complex and relatable protagonist, and his journey of self-discovery is both moving and inspiring. The supporting cast is also excellent, with Saiju Kurup delivering a standout performance as the mysterious stranger.

Why should audiences watch Barber?

If you are a fan of thrillers, then Barber is a must-see. It is a well-made and genuinely suspenseful film that offers something new and fresh to the genre.

Even if you are not a fan of thrillers, Barber is still worth watching for its strong performances, cultural themes, and unique setting. It is a film that will stay with you long after you have seen it.
Here is a more in-depth look at some of the film's themes:

Masculinity: The film explores the theme of masculinity in a number of ways. The barber is a young man who is trying to assert his masculinity in a patriarchal society. The stranger is a man who represents a more traditional form of masculinity. The film shows the different ways in which masculinity is defined and performed, and the consequences of these different forms of masculinity.

Violence: The film is also about violence. The barber is a man who has been exposed to violence from a young age. The stranger is a man who is capable of great violence. The film shows the impact of violence on individuals and communities. It also shows the different ways in which violence can be justified.

The caste system: The film also explores the caste system in India. The barber is a low-caste man. The stranger is a high-caste man. The film shows the ways in which the caste system affects people's lives. It also shows the ways in which people resist the caste system.

Overall, Barber is a well-made and thought-provoking thriller that explores important themes such as masculinity, violence, and the caste system. It is a film that is sure to stay with you long after you have seen it.

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