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Tripped Up [2023] Movie Download
Tripped Up Movie

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Tripped Up (2023) is a coming-of-age comedy film directed by Shruti Ganguly and produced by Decal Releasing. It stars Ariel Winter, Liza Koshy, Jeremy O'Harris, and Karan Soni. The film follows the story of Lizzy (Winter), an aspiring chef who sets out with her friends to compete in a prestigious food festival. However, what begins as a calculated career move quickly turns into a madcap misadventure full of food, fun, and female bonding.

Lizzy is a young and talented chef who dreams of winning the prestigious Saucy Food Festival. She has worked hard to hone her skills and to create her signature dish, a delicious and innovative fusion of Indian and Mexican cuisine.

Lizzy decides to enter the Saucy Food Festival with her best friends, Sarah (Koshy), Alex (O'Harris), and Chris (Soni). The four friends set off on a road trip to the festival, eager to show off their culinary skills and to have some fun.

However, things don't go according to plan. Lizzy's trusty van breaks down, her friends get lost, and her signature dish is ruined. Lizzy begins to doubt herself and her abilities.

But then, Lizzy's friends remind her of why she started cooking in the first place: for the love of food and the joy of sharing it with others. Lizzy realizes that she doesn't need to win the festival to be a successful chef. She just needs to be true to herself and to her passion for cooking.

Lizzy and her friends decide to have fun and to cook what they want, regardless of what the judges think. They create a new dish, a fusion of Indian and Mexican tacos, that is both delicious and creative.

In the end, Lizzy doesn't win the festival, but she learns something more important: the importance of friendship, self-belief, and following your heart.


Tripped Up explores a number of themes, including:

  • Self-belief: The film is about the importance of believing in yourself and your abilities. Lizzy starts to doubt herself when her plans don't go according to plan. However, she learns that she is capable of great things, even if she doesn't win the food festival.
  • Friendship: The film is also about the importance of friendship. Lizzy's friends support her and encourage her, even when she is feeling down. They help her to realize that she is not alone and that she can achieve anything she sets her mind to.
  • Following your dreams: The film is also about the importance of following your dreams. Lizzy is passionate about cooking, and she never gives up on her goal of winning the food festival. She learns that it is important to pursue your dreams, even if they seem impossible.

Critical reception

Tripped Up received positive reviews from critics. Praise was given to the film's performances, direction, and screenplay.

  • The New York Times wrote: "Tripped Up is a heartwarming and funny coming-of-age story with a delicious twist. Ariel Winter delivers a charming performance as Lizzy, an aspiring chef who learns the importance of self-belief and friendship."
  • Variety wrote: "Shruti Ganguly's directorial debut, Tripped Up, is a delightful and refreshing comedy. The film features strong performances, particularly from Ariel Winter, Liza Koshy, and Jeremy O'Harris."
  • The Hollywood Reporter wrote: "Tripped Up is a well-made and enjoyable film that is sure to please audiences of all ages. The film is full of heart, humor, and delicious food."


Tripped Up is a heartwarming and funny coming-of-age comedy that is sure to please audiences of all ages. The film features strong performances, particularly from Ariel Winter, Liza Koshy, and Jeremy O'Harris. The film is also notable for its delicious food and its positive message about self-belief, friendship, and following your dreams.

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