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Thanksgiving is a 2023 American slasher film directed by Eli Roth, from a screenplay written by Jeff Rendell and a story by Roth and Rendell, who produced with Roger Birnbaum. It is based on Roth's mock trailer of the same name from Grindhouse (2007). It is the third feature length film to be adapted from one of the mock trailers in Grindhouse after Robert Rodriguez's Machete (2010) and Jason Eisener's Hobo with a Shotgun (2011). The film stars Patrick Dempsey, Addison Rae, Milo Manheim, Jalen Thomas Brooks, Nell Verlaque, Rick Hoffman, and Gina Gershon.

Thanksgiving was released in the United States on November 17, 2023, by TriStar Pictures.

In 2022, during Thanksgiving in Plymouth, Massachusetts, people are gathering outside the Rightmart superstore in preparation for a Black Friday sale. Jessica, the daughter of store owner Thomas Wright, lets her friends Evan, Scuba, Gabby, Yulia and her boyfriend Bobby inside the store early through a side door. The crowd outside sees them and stampedes into the store, resulting in multiple people dying, including Amanda, the wife of store manager Mitch Collins.

One year later, Rightmart is preparing for another sale, despite the protests of Mitch and several other residents. Meanwhile, Jessica and her friends are tagged in a social media post of a Thanksgiving table with their names around it. A waitress named Lizzie is attacked and killed by a figure dressed in black clothing and wearing a John Carver mask. The police discover that Lizzie was present at the Black Friday riot, which leads them to believe those involved in the massacre are being targeted by "The Carver".

Bobby, who was injured during the riot, returns to Plymouth, much to the chagrin of Jessica’s current boyfriend Ryan. She brings footage of the riot, that her stepmother Kathleen previously tried to destroy, to Eric Newlon, the town sheriff. The Carver claims more victims, including Rightmart security guard Manny and high school students Lonnie and Amy. Evan and Gabby are soon abducted by The Carver, while Jessica narrowly avoids being killed. Yulia’s father decides to take her out of town, but he and the deputy guarding them are knocked out by The Carver, who attacks Yulia. Jessica and Scuba, who were video calling Yulia, drive to her house, but are unable to stop The Carver from disemboweling Yulia with a buzzsaw before he escapes.

The police attempt to lure The Carver out by having the Wright family and Scuba participate in a Thanksgiving parade. However, The Carver deduces their plan and decapitates a turkey mascot before sending smoke bombs into the crowd, causing everyone to scatter in panic and giving The Carver the opportunity to abduct the Wrights and Scuba in the chaos. The Carver cooks Kathleen alive in an oven before serving her as the "turkey" at a dinner table surrounded by his hostages and the corpses of his victims. The Carver then bludgeons Evan to death in a live-stream before Jessica cuts through her bindings and escapes, luring him away from the others. She eludes The Carver by climbing over a fence and running through the woods. Jessica makes it to a parade warehouse, finds Newlon unconscious, and follows a figure wearing the Carver's mask inside; she sees it’s Bobby and directs Newlon to him, who shoots at Bobby, but he gets away.

The police soon arrive and inform them that the survivors are safe, but, after they leave Jessica and Newlon alone, Jessica notices the same brambles that stuck to her on Newlon, and realizes that he is The Carver. Newlon reveals that he was having an affair with Amanda, who was pregnant with his child when she died, leading him to become The Carver and seek revenge on those responsible. To Newlon's horror, its revealed that Jessica has live-streamed his confession, leading him to attack her until she is saved by Bobby.

The two attempt to escape in a truck, but Newlon hooks it to a support beam. As he approaches them with an axe, Jessica uses a musket to shoot a parade balloon, causing an explosion that engulfs Newlon in flames. By morning, Bobby is taken away in an ambulance and Jessica reunites with Ryan, Gabby, and Scuba. The authorities are unable to find Newlon's remains, leading them to believe he was incinerated in the explosion. However, Jessica continues to have nightmares of a flaming Newlon attacking her from a bedroom closet.

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